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Founded in 2012 and growing ever since, Rock Hard Reviews was created by rock fans, for rock fans. We love nothing more than helping new, up and coming rock bands get some publicity, promote new releases, and gain new followers.

Here at Rock Hard Reviews we are all about writing informative, imaginative and honest music reviews. A rock hard music review might come with a slight twist of British humour, but we love to review and promote music from rock and metal bands from all over the world.

For the benefit of newer rock and metal fans we sometimes retro review significant albums from yesteryear. Why? Simply because rock music has a magnificent legacy of releases from world famous rock acts and from less well known bands. Rock Hard Reviews like to spotlight music which is too good for the latest generation to miss out on.

If you are in a rock or metal band and want a bit of free publicity then get in touch. Normally we write and publish in-depth, full page reviews whenever a rock band sends us their latest album and EPK. Digital is preferred, but we still accept a CD through the post. You can contact Rock Hard Reviews via our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, or you can email us directly on .

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Featured song this week is End Of The Beginning by Black Sabbath.

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Recent reviews

Victims Of The New Math - Satellite Head

Second outing, and a slice of nostalgia from Victims Of The New Math

Stone Kings - From Creation to Devastation

July 2016 release from Stone Kings, 12 hard rock tracks, quite literally from Creation to Devastation.

Tequila Mockingbyrd - Fight And Flight

Highly rated debut album by Tequila Mockingbyrd.

A selction of our full album reviews

Mercury Rising - Bad News

We check out spring 2016 release Bad News, an awesome EP by hard rock band Mercury Rising.

Black Sabbath

Paul Jack's creepy tale of retro-reviewing Black Sabbath's eponymous first album. Weird things going on all right! Read on to find out what strange things went bump in the night...

This Is Hell - The Enforcer

We said... New music with a retro thrash sound - playlist this EP from This Is Hell

Kidneythieves - Trypt0fanatic

Ever discovered cool music through the medium of video games? Deus Ex fan Tali did. Check out her album review.

Flight of the Conchords

He, he, he. Don't tell the regular reviewers, but while they popped out of the Rock Hard Reviews office Auntie Ethel managed to sneak in and write all about one of her favourite bands, Flight of the Conchords. She does think Bret and Jemaine are lovely, doesn't she?

Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever

Paul Jack retro-reviews Tom Petty's first solo album, the 1989 classic Full Moon Fever. How has it stood the test of time, and what exactly was a yuppie?

Miracle of Sound - Level 2

Tali's quest to shout it out loud for commercial quality music inspired by video games continues this week with - surprise, surprise, Level 2 by Miracle of Sound. (Actually, old rock guru Paul Jack is rather keen on Khajit like to sneak, but don't let him know we told ya!)

Mazz-XT - At the Brink of Eternity

Rock Hard Reviews is honoured to check out At The Brink Of Eternity by Mazz-XT. An auspicious album full of classic hard rock influences and heavy riff melodic charm, it marks Scott Ginn's return to rock music after a 20 year hiatus. Welcome back dude!

Muse - Absolution

Tali takes time out to muse over Muse's album Absolution. Does Muse's music keep Tali amused and inspire her when working on creative projects? Absolutely! (Tali has asked us to make it quite clear that she did not write this cheesy intro for her review!)

Rival Sons - Head Down

We said... Time for something new and exciting - Head Down by Rival Sons. Heck, it's been a long time since PJ got so interested in a new band!

Creature Feature - The Greatest Show Unearthed

Creepy carnival-eqsue music from Creature Feature. Does reviewer Tali find every track fun and fresh? Have a look!

Rainbow - The Singles Box Set 1975-1986

Take a walk down the memory lane of rock with the newly released collectors' edition for February 2014 - Rainbow's The Singles Box Set 1975-1986.

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