Crazy King

Acer Fury

Review Date: April 2016
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews


Released in April 2016, Crazy King is a compilation of vintage heavy metal from German band Acer Fury. A staggering thirty years have passed since Acery Fury formed in 1986 in Kempten Im Allgau, Bavaria. And now... Battle Cry Records, Mighty Monster Records, and Decibel Geek have released, or should that be unleashed, Crazy King upon the world.

The band comprised Arnie Arnraldi on lead vocals, U.B. Vincent and Chris J. White on guitar duty, Ö-li on bass, and drum-meister Gary G. Acer Fury cite Accept, Noisehunter and Stormwitch as influences, but for this reviewer their sound also pays tribute to early Helloween, and early Iron Maiden circa Bruce Dickinson first joining.

Right from the get-go, screaming, high pitched guitars evoke memories of Germanic metal of yore, as title track Crazy King steamrollers at you. The track 'Crazy King' was originally a 7 inch single, first released in 1989, with 'Village in a Rage' on the B side. Village In Rage is track two in this compilation, a metal number evoking images of torch burning villagers from an old black and white horror movie, and a sound oozing with the vibe of Iron Maiden's Children Of the Damned.

Old school fist thumping energy abounds throughout this compilation, which is filled with the genre of heavy metal which, post 1993, Hammerfall would pick up the gauntlet and run with. Standout tracks include Vampire on the Run for its cool guitar solos, and Eternal Storm with begins with a snazzy bass filled intro which erupts into full on retro thrash metal, high pitched and full of fury.

With a generous 14 tracks to pick from, this compilation documents the history of Acer Fury through the latter half of the eighties. The album has been remasterd by Sasch Machyne, and the CD comes with an 8 page booklet, lyrics included. It represents a slice of metal history which might otherwise have been lost to the ravages of time. Crazy King is aimed at fans of 1980s style heavy, and should internet anyone craving a taste of classic metal nostalgia.

Track List

  • Crazy King
  • Village In Rage
  • Stragnger In Time
  • Vampire On The Run
  • Virgin In Ice
  • Call Me A Fool
  • Aggressive Art
  • Lost In The Dark
  • Eternal Storm
  • Go Away
  • In The Name Of God
  • Acer Fury
  • Unicorns Die Lonely
  • Storm In My Mind