The Eyes of Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Review score: 83%

Review Date: June 2013
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Alice Cooper’s style is completely different with each album he creates, yet there’s something about his work that keeps old fans listening. There’s some charm in his reoccurring characters and vocal styles that keeps me listening, whether he’s making the angriest metal he can, or a quirky song about a quirky song.

For this album he’s going for light and fun. Each song’s pretty much unique. I’m not going to try and pin this album down to one music genre, since that’ll just start an endless debate with people who see a genre differently. This is rock, it’s fun, and it’s pretty light. (Somewhere in the background at Rock hard Towers PJ mumbles something about the garage band sound at this point – Ed)

So, without further ado:

Between High School and Old School

The guitars from this one wouldn’t be too out of place in a band like Bowling for Soup. The tune bounces happily through the song. The lyrics are pretty easy to relate to if you’ve ever felt like a misfit, and the subject matter harkens back to the classic School's Out. It’s an uplifting song and sets the tone for the album pretty well.

Man of the Year

Here is one of the characters he uses a lot (or character type). Man of the year is the perfect man, the one who spends his whole life doing what was expected of him. You look at him and think he’s the perfect person and completely normal, but the perfect person may not have the perfect life

Even so, it’s got enough comedy to it to make it more entertaining than depressing. This goes with the energetic music; uplifting in a sarcastic kind of way.

This House Is Haunted

This one is very different to the others. Less guitars, more clarinet (that’s a guess, it sounds like a woodwind instrument… hey, I actually learnt something in school music lessons). Alice is playing the depressed little kid. It’s a sad song, but there’s a change part way through. The guitars seem to have got bored and woken up, and the kid doesn’t seem to be as depressed as he did at the start.

The Song that Didn’t Rhyme

Maybe this one was a reaction to people complaining about songs they dislike ruining the world. It might be a complaint about the horrible songs that always end up at the top of the charts, and the money people get because they’re kind of catchy. While this song doesn’t fit with the other tracks, this one does rhyme, so it can’t be this song he’s talking about.

Or maybe, he was just having a bit of fun. It’s entertaining to listen to. PJ says this number reminds him of The Wrong Song by Skyclad, even though it sounds nothing like. Go figure.

I’m So Angry

And back to the angry guitars. It’s energetic and could have come from his more metal style albums. It’s a good song for when you really are angry and want to rant about people who got on your nerves. I have to admit, there are a few people that make me feel like this.


Another burst of Alice-Cooper-Fun. This is music to cheer you up and make you smile after a bad day. Even if the style changes for almost every song, it works well. Each one makes you want to song, whether it’s tuneful or angry shouting.

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Track List (may vary)

  • What Do You Want From Me?
  • Between High School and Old School
  • Man of the Year
  • Novocaine
  • Bye Bye, Baby
  • Be With You Awhile
  • Detroit City
  • Spirits of Rebellious
  • This House is Haunted
  • Love Should Never Feel Like This
  • The Song that Didn’t Rhyme
  • I’m So Angry
  • Backyard Brawl