Retrospective Lucid Alienations


Review Date: July 2016
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews


From Trieste, Italy, we have an EP that is likely the heaviest thing we reviewed to date. This is the reworking of their 2001 release, Mind Detonation. The band have taken this chance to use the skills acquired since this release to polish their older music. Full on death metal, the EP is fast and loud with passion and energy pushed in everywhere it will fit.

Let's pick out some highlight tracks:

Signing Off?

Beginning with one of those melodic, horror-movie-worthy intros, this track sets out immediately after my heart. When it does break into full force, the creepy tone is maintained through the whirlwind of instruments. This is matched with lyrics that're strangely poetic, in a gruesome kind of way.

Retrospective Lucid Alienations

Heavy from the start, this one is somehow both plodding and racing. Littered with sound clips worthy of a Rob Zombie song, it follows the thoughts of what I assume was a rollercoaster evening.

Crystalized Normality

This song crashes like thunder against the vocals. Somewhere between the growling singer and electronically-altered chanting, lies a rather Norman Bates-ish tale.

Retrospective Lucid Alienations is a prime example of blackened death metal, but the sci-fi sprinkling makes it stand out from the crowd. You can get your hands on Retrospective Lucid Alienations by visiting Go ahead, and support the band!

Track List

  • Signing Off?
  • Black Chaos Dominion
  • Temple of Brutal Death
  • Suffer Bstards
  • Retrospective Lucid Alienations
  • Crystallized Normality