Archi Deep and the Monkeyshiners

Review score: 77%

Review Date: August 2015
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

Archi Deep and the Monkeyshakers 3

Bonjour! Je ne parle pas Francais, so we will continue this dans Anglais.

Coming at ya from their hometown, the beautiful island of Oléron, west of Rochefort, we have Archi Deep and the Monkeyshakers. The band has been around since 2013, and has had a very busy touring history, playing gigs across France over the last couple of years. They were also spotted rocking out over here in England last autumn.

Somehow Archi Deep and the Monkeyshakers have found time to record a third album, simply entitled #3. The sequal to #1 and #2, naturally. The album was recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, and is due for release this October.

And its an impressive album too.. mixed by Adam Hill and mastered in London by Noël Summerville (spot the White Stripes references). Design and Photography is by Storm Studios, who are known for their work with bands such as Muse, Led Zep, Pink Floyd et al.

The first single, Nowhere Man, came out soon on September 9th, and you can check out the official video here

So let's check out this new six track collection:

Nowhere Man

The intro (and first single) sinks its hooks into you right from the get-go. Building up from a steady intro, crashing riff work leads to alternating bouts of strung out vocals over bursts of heavy guitar thunder, interspersed with short, classy guitar solo work.

I'm On The Run

Starts tuneful mellow before heading into hammering guitar work and ends up in foot tapping, head nodding territory. Part cool blues rock, part punk, I'm On The Run manages has a catchy psychodelic retro sound. Nice.

Archi Deep

High Minds

Showcasing honey sweet vocals leading to a grungier rock track laid over backing vocals with a hint of The Beatles chorus, All The Lonely People. High Minds grows on the listener very quickly, and its easy to lose yourself in the trippy music.

I Can See

I can see no shame in this amazing sixties / seventies rock number. Proper old school psychedelic rock music, interlacing sweet guitar work with pulsating chords and hypnotic, pounding heartbeat drum work. A traditional, old-time heavy classic.


Kicks in with hard and fast guitar thunder, then slips you a spoonful of pacifying honey to chill you out for a minute before erupting into periodic rounds of rock thunder.

If Only It Was Sunny

An amazing riff leads into a moody number to wrap up Archi Deep and the Monkeyshakers album #3. The weather is changeable, the skies are angry with occasional bouts of fiery passion and rock thunder. An interesting finale.


Archi Deep and the Monkeyshakers are a relatively new band in need of exposure. We are proud to call them friends, and recommend readers go check out them out. Find out more at www.archideep.com

Track List (may vary)

  • Nowhere Man
  • I'm On The Run
  • High Minds
  • I Can See
  • Real
  • If Only It Was Sunny