Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold

Review score: 63%

Review Date: July 2012
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Once upon a time I was looking up a band I’d heard on a music channel. I quite liked the song I’d heard so, as usual, I was playing their ‘Youtube mix’ playlist. The moment I really paid attention to them was when A Little Piece of Heaven came up. Somewhere around the words ‘I knew my crime would be cold/so I bought a heater for your thighs’ I had to switch over to check I’d heard it right. Luckily, it was the actual music video for the song which I watched through to the end. I’ll say this, it’s funny, but not for the easily offended/grossed out. Most definitely not one for children.

Like a GCSE anthology of poetry, each song takes on a strange persona, introducing the listener to a new point of view. Unlike the anthology, most of the personas are fun and interesting to hear about. It’s obvious that this band has fun thinking up songs.

I’ll say the singer has a nasal quality, but it’s better than autotune. Their guitars tend to have a high pitched quality like many classic rock songs.

Some of the best songs:


Okay, this is a slightly disturbing song. Like watching American Psycho, you can’t exactly like the main character, but he’s amusing to watch (as long as you know he’s not actually killing actors). The character comes across as completely insane and someone that should probably be avoided – definitely not a song you want to sing in public.


This track begins with a violin that morphs into a screaming guitar that works quite well. The hight pitched guitar will appeal to classic rock fans. Afterlife is done well. This character’s a lot more likable. You actually want him to escape his afterlife.

A Little Piece of Heaven

From the introduction it’s obvious that it’s not going to be like their other songs. The music has a lot of brass instruments next to the guitar and a violin that makes it sound like a Tim Burton movie. The singer sounds much too happy, coming across as a bit of a psycho – well, he did just laugh as he *censored* because he was afraid his girlfriend would leave him. So, it’s a gross song, but you have to stick with it. It’s pretty long, but that’s because it’s a great love song. I don’t want to ruin it, and there’s a good quality one with video on youtube (If you like this then you will probably enjoy some stuff by Creature Feature).

Dear God

This is the end of the album and once more has a completely different feel to it. It’s a bit like county rock and a switch around from the rest of the album. Sadly, it’s back to old love songs (minus zombies this time), but it’s got a nice charm and is a good sad song. The narrator character does seem like a bit of an idiot. ‘Oops I found a nice girl and I abandoned her.’


The CD cover isn’t much to look at, but inside I found a series of funny little pictures that illustrate some of the songs. They’re done well, and go with the lyrics they provided (Yay, no trips to dodgy lyric sites).


Overall it’s a good album. There’s a lot of energy to the songs and it is there to entertain. Many of the songs can be sung along to and they’re good for cheering you up after a bad day – even if some of the lyrics will probably buy the writer a trip to the loony bin. Worth a listen (though may be better to miss the first track on the first time through since takes a while to get into).

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Track List (may vary)

  • Critical Acclaim
  • Almost Easy
  • Scream
  • Afterlife
  • Gunslinger
  • Unbound (The Wild Ride)
  • Brompton Cocktail
  • Lost
  • A Little Piece of Heaven
  • Dear God