Plastic Makes Perfect


Review score: 65%

Review Date: January 2015
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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The last album, Hearts for Bullets, had plenty of variety, but tended towards the angry and negative. It’s understandable considering what had happened in her life prior to the release. PMP is a bit of a different turn. There is a greater range of emotion in there matched with a more grungy tone to the music.

This review is going to be more difficult than the last one. On the Ayria, Jennifer very helpfully uploaded lyric dissections of the tracks. It’s really interesting to know what a musician was thinking when they wrote a song. Sadly, there is only one dissection for this album.

Let’s dive into another batch of dark electronica, drenched with grungy synths. The only thing that’s missing is a studio recording of Goth Lobster.

Letter From an Angel

Let’s start at the end. Feel free to read the lyric dissection for this one. It’s just so heartbreaking. The opening conjures up an image of a dystopia with mismatched melodies. Somehow it just makes the whole track beautiful and sad. The lyrics are soft and beautiful and it truly feels like the personal letter. It’s a wonderful and beautiful song.


Now, let’s get off the morbid to something that’s a bit more energetic. Games is a track with a strong beat and a fun atmosphere. I get the feeling she had some fun writing these lyrics.

All that Glitters

In the theme of Bad List (my favourite track for HFB), this is a fun little track. Synths do their best imitation of industrial/factory background, we have a lovely track about learning lessons and seeing through people’s masks. A nice track for those bad days.

Plastic Makes Perfect

I have to say, her angry songs are always fun. The energy comes off this track in waves. Alternating spoken verses with shouty choruses, somehow it makes this a fun song. Someone just learned their lesson.

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Track List (may vary).

There's another version of Plastic Makes Perfect knocking around - it's got lovely bonus tracks if you can find a copy!

  • Hunger
  • Big Plans
  • All That Glitters
  • Games
  • Plastic Makes Perfect
  • Missed the Mark
  • The Box Under My Bed
  • Friends and Enemies
  • Three Months
  • Big City Lullaby
  • The New Style of Riot
  • Letters from an Angel