Sons Of The North

Black Spiders

Review score: 90%

Review Date: October 2012
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Black Spiders – now there is a name carefully designed to sit between Black Sabbath and Black Stone Cherry on your MP3 player or even on a shop shelf (remember those?). Sheffield based hard rockers Black Spiders formed about 4 years ago and have rapidly gained praise and recognition since then. You may have come across the band from their support tours with Airbourne and other rock acts. Sons of the North is their debut album released in 2011. It's also a good nickname for a rock band from the north of England, come to think of it.

Black Spiders' musical style is heavily influenced by retro hard rock acts. To an old hand like me, individual tracks bring to mind fond memories of a varying assortment of old school rock bands, reminiscent of so many classic acts from AC/DC to Zeppelin. See what I did there?

After two or three listens Sons of the North grows on the listener. It's proper boozy, riff based metal. Lyrics are not too serious, occasionally drifting into the realms of traditionally daft metal cheese. Eat thunder!

Track wise we have some good numbers mixed in, such as:

KISS Tried To Kill Me

What's not to love here? Harmless fun, catchy hard rock albeit with slightly too much commercial repetitiveness. Black Spiders show an entertaining sense of humour here. Lyrics? "It wasn't Ace's fault" is reminiscent of a scene from comedy movie The Rocker (harmless, silly rock comedy starring Rainn Wilson, the guy you know as Dwight from The Office, and the wonderful Christina Applegate) where lyrics "I'm so bitter" become "I'm not bitter". The video for KISS Tried To Kill Me is just fantastic, imagine cult movie The Warriors where all the gangs were retro KISS makeup. Make sure you watch the video online at least once, it may just make you want to buy the album or the EP.

Easy Peasy

Extremely well done retro rock. Sounds s-o-o-o like much a Led Zeppelin number, right from the intro. A great male / female rock duet, which you never hear these days. Any Led Zep fan should check this out.

Blood Of Kings

Seven minutes long, featuring top notch hard riffs. Blood Of Kings is a story of Viking warriors (lets's call them Sons of the North) sitting around drinking and telling old war stories. When the track ends we get a surprise change in the form of a chain-gang style sung intro to the next track St Peter.

St Peter

Cool intro leads us into bluesy track featuring verses which would not sound out of place on an old Guns N Roses number, and a guitar solo which could just as easily been played by Slash. Repetitive chorus - Lord knows all the trouble I'm in – well we've all been there, right?

What Goods A Rock Without A Roll?

Starts with a burning old fashioned heavy metal riff which brought old school 1980s Saxon to mind first time I heard this one. Then it morphs a bit, while remaining catchy and listenable with a 1970's twist. An energetic, fun number with enjoyably silly lyrics.

Album art

Imaginative and different, babes in a wood nurtured by a wolf. Like it!


This is good quality hard rock / metal bets served loud. If you are not into pick n mix MP3 purchases then Black Spiders' Sons of the North cd is a good way to get your hands on a collection of great hard rock tracks including the odd one from previous EP releases. To jump on the reviewers bandwagon and quote the lyrics – Heads Up, gather Round, there's a brand new force in town!

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Track List (may vary)

  • Track
  • Stay Down
  • Kiss Tried To Kill Me
  • Just Like A Woman
  • Easy Peasy
  • Blood Of Kings
  • St. Peter
  • Mans Ruin
  • Medusa's Eyes
  • Si, El Diablo
  • What Goods A Rock Without A Roll?