Travelling East

Corrington Wheeler

Review Date: April 2016
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Yo, readers, you will be wanting to check out Travelling East, the first solo EP from Corrington Wheeler. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Corrington has decided to make Travelling East a non-profit release in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Most of us know someone close whose life has been affected by cancer, so why not show your support and by heading on over to where you can download the album for free, and splash out on some merchandise to support this worthy cause. Fans of traditional CDs can pick one up from whilst there, or from here


Travelling East is a post-hardcore three-tracker.

First up is Sociological Structural Functionalism (ft. Eric Ferraro of Asmara). Big riffs roar n melt into melody as Corrington's quality vocals tell a tale of a guy wrestling with existential questions. What becomes apparent here is that Corrington is a talented vocalist, and a songwriter unafraid to tackle complex themes. The listener could dwell on lyrics contrasting hope, tenacity and futility, or simply enjoy the readily listenable guitar work and catchy beat.

Next up we have Altering Buddha's Principles (ft. London Kyle of Jamie's Elsewhere). Guitars are crunchier, angrier even. Lyrics are unusual and effective, alternating between English and Japanese to portray poetic introspection.

Travelling East finishes with Skorkas Witchery (ft. Maico). Another unusual title, and a surprisingly sweet and harmonic sounding acoustic number to finish the EP. English lyrics interspersed with Japanese again, this time featuring a beautiful duet leading to a feelgood fadeout. Production quality is noticeably high, as is the case throughout Travelling East. Exemplary vocals shine through Skorkas Witchery, a wonderfully enjoyable track to chill out to.


If you like your lyrics deep and meaningful, and your rock modern, melodic and post-hardcore, then check out Corrington Wheeler's work. Travelling East is a good listen, and you can support a worthy charitable cause at the same time.

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Track List (may vary)

  • Sociological Structural Functionalism (ft. Eric Ferraro of Asmara)
  • Altering Buddha's Principles (ft. London Kyle of Jamie's Elsewhere)
  • Skorkas Witchery (ft. Maico)