Doctor Steel II: Eclectic Boogaloo

Dr Steel

Review score: 58%

Review Date: November 2013
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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One late night, while working on my latest genetic abomination, I heard a strange noise from outside the lab. Straightening my not-so-white coat, I found myself confronted with a wonderful sound, perfect for my work. It was a creepy, mechanical sound, somewhere between an evil fun-fair and the innermost workings of a scheming robot. I was captivated by the deep voice telling me I was travelling along the wrong path. A road opened up before me, one I had never considered. I shouldn’t be wasting my life on genetics. Robotics is the future for mad science.

To my dismay, the creator of this strange music – the infamous Dr Steel – had retired, abandoned music, some time ago. There would be no new albums, the Youtube show was only three shows long, plots gathered dust and the Army of Toy Soldiers was leaderless. Disaster! The only comfort was to be found in the strangely-catchy music of existing albums.

This second album by the Dr is sure to inspire any Mad Scientist with inventor’s block. Occupying a musical void between steampunk and an Alice Cooper persona, this is probably one of the strangest albums I have come across.

From the wonderful Dr Steel and his Robotic Band:

Drop Da Bomb

Opening with an explosion of retro, bouncing music, the robot band is working overtime to make this a catchy song… the chorus will follow you around for the rest of the day. With a touch of public-domain propaganda, this is one of the best songs to plot to.

Build the Robots

Beginning like an old horror-film this track builds slowly, layers add together as the light beat takes control. You can hear the factory working in the background. It’s definitely a sing-along track; you can’t help but join in with the ‘we’re taking over the world’. The lyrics really speak to me, especially in the early hours of the morning when I’m busy in the lab. On a note of caution, I’m fairly certain the robots took over the song at the end there.

Lament for the Toy Factory

Something’s off key here, Dr Steel’s in trouble with his bosses for his designs. How they lack vision, his toys sound like the most wonderful creations. I would certainly have liked them as a child. It’s a typical ‘I hate my Boss’ track. The poor Dr, but at least he gets his own back. Remember, listen to the words, it’s telling a nice little story.


Sorry, the album has been interrupted by an urgent news flash straight from a fifties radio news show. This one’s a bit more metal-ish and the robots got hold of something resembling a guitar here. The music – near the start at least – is somewhere near a Linkin Park track, while the distortion on the vocals reminds me of early Kidneythieves. It is certainly neither of these things, but another story of the Dr. Is this an album or an autobiography?

The Dr Steel Show

Imagine you are watching a kids’ show, when suddenly some aliens take over the program – we’re talking black and white flying saucers on string here. With that picture in mind, you’re pretty close to what this song’s like. Now sit back and enjoy the show.


With a little bit of accordion music and ghostly crying, here’s a track to sing you to sleep. It’s a simple song with a touch of anger. It all fades off with a little bit of xylophone and a little bit of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). Have I ever mentioned how much I like Sweet Dreams?

Childhood (Don’t) A Go-Go

This is a heavy one and the Dr’s obviously not in a good mood. It’s got all the parts of a rock song, along with the robot’s guitar solo. Then something happened. A violin takes over while the doctor’s singing sadly. It’s like being in a musical… leading up to the good Dr’s revenge. It a dramatic, and sad ending for the album… leaving you wondering what comes next.


I’m sure that was a propogan-tastic experience for you. The world of Dr Steel is definitely a strange one. Sure, the lyrics are a bit hard to make out, but it’s a good album. Sadly, we mad-scientists must now return to our labs and continue to build robots and hope for the Dr and his wonderful goggles to return.

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Track List (may vary)

  • Prelude to Domination
  • Drop da Bomb
  • Build The Robots
  • Lament for a Toy Factory
  • Greedy
  • The Dr. Steel Show
  • Bohemian Grove
  • Slapped by Moe
  • Schizophrenic
  • Lullabye-Bye
  • Totally Moded
  • Childhood (Don’t) A Go-Go