Flight of the Conchords

Review score: 50%

Review Date: November 2012
Reviewer: Auntie Ethel Bethel
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Listen 'ere! Yes, that's right, it's Auntie Ethel Bethel 'ere. Those nice people at Rock Hard Reviews don't know I've been on their computer. All them young uns PJ and Tali seem to bang on about is that noisy, noisy rock stuff they listen to. Just look at the site, full of that nasty heavy metal stuff. Well, it's about time some not so noisy rock music got a look in, see?

I just loved watching that young band Flight Of The Conchords on the telly. They 'ad that TV show documentary thingy all about the highs and lows of band life. See, I know all about the boys Bret and Jemaine, how they struggled with poverty, broke up, reformed, broke up, changed line up, whatever, I kind of lost track a bit. But they did make some luvly gentle rock music, and they seemed so nice.

Shame that TV documentary's not on the telly now, not since they went back to New Zealand or Australia or somewhere like that. Still, when I found this CD down the back of the sofa I gave it a spin. Cos just like all me silver haired bingo buddies I'm up to date with all the latest technology, see. No Mildred, I said 'bingo buddies', not 'bingo wings'. Listen up, dearie.

Well, Bret and Jemaine do 'ave some luvly songs on their CD. Some are a bit short maybe, but there's some nice gentle rock too. And the boys are so polite, and Bret looks so nice with that neat beard, reminds me of my Arfur when he was younger.

'Ere's what I think about Flight of the Conchords songs:

Foux du Fafa

Ooh, me 'n' Mildred learned us some French back in school, and Mildred says I speak real good Franglais. I dunno what the title means, but Foux du Fafa is a lovely funny song about them doing their food shopping and impressing some nice young ladies by telling them all about what's in their shopping basket.

Inner City Pressure

Remember that new boy band The Pet Shop Boys? That dreamy looking, talented singer and that enigmatic boy in the hat? Well, Bret and Jemaine sound just like 'em in this song, which is all about the hard times they had making ends meet. I saw this in that documentary show about them, how Flight of the Conchords were struggling to make ends meet, and the band were so poor they were thinking about buying second 'and underpants.

Hiphopopotamus versus Rhymenoceros

Aah, a rap song! See the boys are talented, branching out into trendy new genres. Not bad boys, not bad. You're a bit fast though, I had to turn me 'earing aid up a bit to follow the words.

Think About It

This is one of me favourites. Me 'n' my friend Mildred like to listen to this one while Arfur is out down the pub. Makes us stop and think about all the bad things in the world, and 'ow we are lucky not to 'ave people with forks and spoons attacking each other on our doorstep. Mildred says this one's not a true story, and that all that stuff about cutlery and monkeys and life on the street is just s'posed to be funny and entertaining, but I reckon it's thought provoking. Reminds me of that handsome Marvie Gaye fella. So who you going to believe, me or Mildred?

Ladies of the World

Ooh, 'ow romantic. Such a lovely love song, and the boys are so respectful about all us ladies of the world. I wish there were 'ere right now, so I could cook them a lovely tea. Bet they'd like that.


Don't understand this one, reckon it could be a bit rude. Or not. We didn't talk like that back it my day, I tell you boys.

The Prince of Parties

This one takes me back to the sixties. All that trendy sitar and hippie lyrics. Shows how diverse and talented lovely Jemain and Bret are.

Leggy Blonde

Them boys don't seem to 'ave much luck with girls, do they? This one's a bit funny and a bit sad, a sweet, gentle song about the lovely girls who got away. Aah, that's sad. Don't worry boys, there's plenty more fish in the sea!


This is a nice, modern song all right, another modern song just like all that other 80s music I listen to. It's really funny too, with the boys acting out the parts of robots and how great life in the future will be. Shame about the elephants though.


The intro to Boom always makes me smile. These boys are so sweet sometimes. And then they break into this funny rap song. Only thing is boys, it's pronounced 'b-oo-m', not 'b-u-m'.

A Kiss Is Not A Contract

Aah, again we see how nice and polite those boys are. Bret and Jemaine really deserve to find themselves a nice pair of respectable girls.

The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)

Another luvvy luvvy song praising up some nice looking girl they fancy. She sounds lovely, and must be really nice if she's in the top three in the street. You talk to her before that Dave fella gets near her boys.

Business Time

This one reminds me of me and Arfur when we was younger. Wednesday was our special night too, although we never 'ad to bother with recycling back in my day. But this is a lovely sexy song and always brings out a sweet smile or a fond memory.


This one's a bit of a ch-ch-change. Bret and Jemaine really sound a lot like that lovely David Bowie man. It's like that futuristic music David Bowie used to sell. Aah, I miss seeing Bowie on the telly, in that luvly tight costume.

Au Revoir

Just a quick, silly thing to end the cd with. Wouldn't bother buying this one on its own for you empeethree player thingie. Bye bye for now boys.

Cover art

Very pretty, very colourful if you like green. Can't see much of the handsome Conchords boys, mores the pity


Better be quick, I think I 'ere Paul Jack coming back in the office. Wish he'd keep 'is beard nice and tidy like Bret. Flight of the Conchords is a lovely, harmless bit of fun which always makes me smile. It's a nice CD to listen to and old Auntie Ethel Bethel reckons you should run off and get yourselves one.

You will do what Auntie says, won't you dearie? Oh, and don't forget to watch that funny TV documentary about lovely Bret and Jemaine too. If it's not on the telly you can buy one of them fancy modern deeveedee thingies instead.

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Track List (may vary)

  • Foux du Fafa
  • Inner City Pressure
  • Hiphopopotamus versus Rhymenoceros
  • Think About It
  • Ladies of the World
  • Mutha'uckas
  • The Prince of Parties
  • Leggy Blonde
  • Robots
  • Boom
  • A Kiss Is Not A Contract
  • The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)
  • Business Time
  • Bowie
  • Au Revoir