Get Him to the Greek

Infant Sorrow

Review score: 84%

Review Date: March 2014
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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(Explanation for this article – Paul Jack was in the doghouse with Big Ed the editor for reasons best left unsaid. Threatened with being forced to review the Rock of Ages movie soundtrack, PJ managed to talk it down, suggesting that Russell Brand and Infant Sorrow would be much better suited to gracing the hallowed pages of Rock Hard Reviews. Big Ed is still keeping Rock of Ages hanging over Paul Jack a la Sword of Damocles, but let’s give PJ a chance to speak now...)

Following in the glorious tradition of Spinal Tap, how cool (and how under-publicised) that the studio released the Infant Sorrow album. Instead of a cliché movie soundtrack to Get Him To The Greek, suspend your disbelief and pretend this is a full-on ‘best of’ compilation album from Aldous Snow and the notorious band Infant Sorrow. What we’ve got here is a mixed bag of musical goodies.

And, let me tell you about... ach, hold on a sec, I’m getting some harassment from Auntie Ethel. Sigh. Wish she’d stay out of the Rock Hard offices. Let’s humour her... Hang on reader... Yes Ethel, that’s right, it’s a picture of Aldous Snow. Lovely? If you say so Ethel. Yes he does look a lot like that funny actor bloke off the telly, doesn’t he? What was that? He’s very supple? Err, right you are Ethel. Tell you what, you take this picture home and hang onto it. You can keep it with your Flight Of The Conchords collection if you like. OK, off you go now..

Right, back to the review.

Each song seems to have been carefully selected to either feature as a snippet in the movie, or to support the plot of a fallen-from-grace rock god and his sleaze filled journey upwards. As a consequence the album contains octane driven highs and spaced out slow tracks, with an emphasis on funny Brit pop-rock. Let’s pick out a few examples...

Gang of Lust

A funny, offensive, party time anthem for the enthusiastic hedonist. When the chorus gets stuck in your head, don’t, whatever you do, start singing it to yourself in public. OK?

Furry Walls

Not as rude as you might expect from the title, and in movie plot terms the culmination of Aldous Snow’s return to grace and popularity. An enjoyable piece of crisis advice for those times when the world slips you a Jeffrey. Humorous, harmless and worth listening to.

Going Up

One of my favourites from the album, and truly capable of lifting your sprits when you are miserable. What starts as a downbeat, melancholy moment with suitable daft lyrical overtones takes you through a twist of rebellion to upbeat, cheery get-back-on-your-feet good times. It’s catchy, energetic fun.

The Clap

I do like this one. Rude and unsubtle, it’s an old fashioned pop-rock number. The disgusting lyrics will either offend your granny or make you grin is disbelief that they can get away with this. It’s got a good beat too, and is worth your listening time. If you’re over eighteen of course, young man. (frowns!)

Riding Daphne

If I had to pick one track from Infant Sorrow as my overall fave then Riding Daphne is the winner. Coincidentally it could easily encapsulate the entire album in one short sharp, crude blast. Musically it’s another quality number, showing how good the musicians are. Lyrically it turns the filth up to eleven and makes me laugh out loud. Silly, harmless and hilarious.


This one is listed as being by Jackie Q featuring Aldous Snow. Kicks off sounding like a fantastic modern dance number, without a hint of rock of course, but takes barely a moment to shock you with filthy lyrics. If you liked that old Ali G / Shaggy single called Me Julie then this will be right up your alley. It’s a proper good song too.

Ring ‘Round

If you thought Supertight was naughty then this takes it up to the next level. Laugh out loud silliness to finish off the album. Take a chill pill, enjoy the beat and don’t take the theme too seriously. Which could be said about most of the album really.


The cover features Russell – sorry – Aldous in full stage presence mode wielding a Union Flag six string. Invest your hard-earned in the CD and ignore the Get Him To The Greek snaps to head straight for the Spinal Tap style showcase of so-bad-they-are-funny past album covers from Infant Sorrow. The humour is barely a step away from Smell The Glove. (And if this is all Greek to you then you really need to watch This is Spinal Tap). Artwork for Family Album and This Is Witty are spot on.


All praise the good folks at Vertigo for putting Infant Sorrow out there, and for Russell and the gang for the effort which has clearly gone into making this funny fiction a reality. Put your tongue firmly in cheek and have a laugh at the rude, crude, rock magic of Infant Sorrow. Russell Brand fans in particular will love this album.

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Track List (may vary)

  • Just Say Yes
  • Gang of Lust
  • Furry Walls
  • Going Up
  • Bangers Beans and Mash
  • The Clap
  • I am Jesus
  • Riding Daphne
  • F.O.H.
  • Yeah Yeah Oi Oi
  • African Child (trapped in me)
  • Little Bird
  • Searching for a Father
  • Supertight
  • Ring ‘Round