Review score: 79%

Review Date: December 2013
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

Here’s something new and cool for ya – Sirens. It’s the debut album from LifeCry, a female fronted metal outfit from Hertfordshire. I snatched the cd out of Tali’s greedy mitts when it arrived and gave it a thorough workout.

Remember how I was listening to Deep Purple’s latest release Now What!? a couple of weeks ago, and how I found it a slow burner; it took me several listens before the album grew on me. Well, the opposite is true of Sirens – a couple of spins through the tracklist and I was hooked.

Trying to pigeonhole LifeCry into a genre is challenging. There’s variety and creativity here. They describe their sound as ‘cross Rammstein with a hint of Within Temptation and an element of dance music’. Yep, that description works. On their Reverbnation page there’s a comparison with Paramore, Evanescence, Muse etc. As an old metalhead myself I’m currently going with ‘a fun blend of industrial metal with a touch of electronica, a slight hint of retro rock (a la Muse), all melded with a great beat and tunes you can’t get outta your head’.

Let’s pick out a few tracks...


Opening with the title track Sirens, the album kicks off with a short burst of speedy metal heaviness before switching to a melodic guitar tune overlaid by Zara’s amazing vocals, pulsating drum beat and keyboards. Air raid sirens alternate in and out – yes, really - adding depth to the sound and a sense of urgency between tempo changes. Sirens sets the tone for the rest of the album to follow.

Here Comes the Darkness

A fresh sounding atmospheric number, alternating blasts of industrial with quieter moments. If, like me, you’ve got a thing for keyboardy rock and metal then you’ll like this one.


An electronica intro swiftly melds with metal in a number which walks that fine line between new and fresh and hints of yesteryear. “Is that a new one from Inkubus Sukkubus”, asked an eavesdropping Tali the other day.


There’s a clue in the title! Speed kicks in at full tempo with thrash metal drums set to a catchy riff. The track races along, blending, once again a melody of industrial metal with crisp vocals and synth. It’ll wake you up and keep you entertained.

Liquid Life

Go on metal fans – when you’re done here, check out the youtube video for Liquid Life. Crisp and clear vocals from Zara amidst steady melody from Dave and Simon and noteworthy drum moments from Mr T. Lyrics are interesting, with multiple interpretations. I can relate to them as a tale about challenging the behaviour of someone you care about in order to make them seize the day and find value in a relationship and in living in unstable, fluid world. You’ll probably make something different out of them if you give Liquid Life a close listen.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

And now for something completely different. Some of you will recognise it as that oddly compelling children’s nursery tune about the ants marching one by one, others may be aware of the 19th century original expressing the thoughts of family members worrying about their loved ones in the US civil war. LifeCry’s two minute take on it starts off as a contender for a Bernard Cornwell / Richard Sharpe story soundtrack and morphs into a quirky, electric adaptation whilst staying true to the classic melody. An unexpected and entertaining addition to the album.

Pyrotechnic Masterpieces

A heavier number to finish off the album, full of contrasts – light and darkness, a tale of troubled emotions and trying to connect. Love the line “..why so cold and heartless when you’re burning underneath".


Sirens is a cool, eclectic music experience and you should check the album out. LifeCry say they want to stir us, make us feel, think and listen. Well, I reckon they are achieving that goal, and we hope to hear more from them in the future. If you like your metal to be melodic, entertaining and above all, fun, then go for it... You can get your hands on Sirens direct from the official LifeCry website

Track List (may vary)

  • Sirens
  • Here comes the darkness
  • Slumber
  • Battleship
  • Speed
  • Destiny
  • Liquid Life
  • Vortex Tales
  • When Johnny comes marching home
  • Pyrotechnic Masterpieces