At The Brink Of Eternity

Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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As 2015 draws to a close, we welcome Scott Ginn to Rock Hard Reviews. Scott is an old-school artist with a taste for hard rock, and returns to the music scene after a 20 year hiatus to entertain us with solo project Mazz-XT. An opportunity to showcase his brand of classic rock tunes.

Citing influences such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Bad Co. and Aerosmith, the new Mazz-XT album At the Brink of Eternity, was released November 2015. We are honoured to check it out now.

First up, we have Spellbound. The opener kicks off with a pulsating, heavy riff and a smooth, melodic chorus. Spellbound is a tale of the demon drink. Guitar work is in the style of vintage Led Zep, bringing back this old rocker's childhood memories of the Top OF The Pops intro edit of Whole Lotta Love.

Lightning Strikes Again features riffwork in the style of early, bluesy Whitesnake, with a gentle, melodic vibe. There's meaning and sentiment in Mazz-XT lyrics; the lightning here is a reference to depression's unwelcome return. It's easy to lose yourself in catchy beat of Lightning Strikes Again.

A change of attitude next, with Let's Have A Party. It's an old fashioned crowd pleaser, designed to get fists-a-pumping and feet-a-tapping. A cheery rock anthem to bring a smile to your face.

The party mood continues with That's The Way We Rock, a faster paced sing-along number, full of energy and mood improving guitar solos. The meld of pounding bass and drums overlaid with classic hard rock riffs works very well indeed.

When Ancients Ruled The World slows the pace and brings with it a pleasant, dreamy atmosphere. Memories of prog rock masters Yes come flooding back as we forget about our troubles and glide along with Mazz-XT's sweet melodies, visualising dusty pyramids, crumbling jungle temples and relics of fallen civilisations. Or maybe that's just me.

I'm On The Inside tells a tale of relationship woes with a snappy riff and sad lament, before we plunge headlong into title track At The Brink Of Eternity. With an 80s pop-rock intro we almost expect to hear T'Pau for a moment, before the track evolves into an electronica fuelled vision of armageddon. At the Brink Of Eternity is a good choice for a title track, driven by powerful solos and a snappy beat.

'Very Deep Purple' is the only way I can describe Devil In Disguise. With the mighty power of riffs and keyboards in synch, there are moments when this number recaptures the magic of Purple's amazing In Rock album. If you like classic Deep Purple, give Devil In Disguise a listen. You'll like it.

The album finishes with Too Hot Honey. Imagine a Bad Company / early Whitesnake combo, and you have another spirit lifting, crowd pleasing rock anthem to close Mazz-XT's first album. Raunchy, raw, and a delight to hear.


Mazz-XT's At The Brink Of Eternity marks an auspicious return to music. The album is a fine collection of melodic, hard rock with a pleasing old-fashioned bluesy feel. Recommended listening for Rock Hard Reviews readers. We wish Scott all the best for the future, and hope to see more Mazz-XT albums.

How to buy

A sad indictment of our times, we found that searching online for the Mazz-XT album revealed an overload of illicit torrent downloads. We encourage true rock fans to ignore these, and head on over to where you can listen to At The Brink Of Eternity for free, and if you like it you can support Mazz-XT buy purchasing a CD or digital download. Can't say fairer than that.

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Track List

  • Spellbound
  • Lightning Strikes Again
  • Let's Have A Party
  • That's The Way We Rock
  • When Ancients Ruled The World
  • In This Jungle
  • I'm On The Inside
  • At The Bronk Of Eternity
  • Devil In Disguise
  • Too Hot Honey