Bad News

Mercury Rising

Review Date: May 2016
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Spring 2016 saw the release of Bad News, an EP from Mercury Rising. Four tracks of high quality hard rock from the Essex based four piece band. And a kick-ass EP it is too, with a vibe that melds the classic hard rock style of Guns N Roses, Mr Big etc with the funk-metal sound of Extreme. The result is a simply terrific...

First up, we have Homesick, funky hard rock at its best. Mercury Rising shows us that hard rock is still alive, and can both impress and entertain. For Rock Hard Reviews readers unfamiliar with Mercury Rising, they consist or Max Campbell on vocals, Rob Raymond on guitar, Joseph Smith on bass, and Matt Burgess on drum duty. Right from the get go, Homesick showcases Mercury Rising's energy and chops, with Rob and Joseph laying down powerful guitar riffs as a backdrop for Max's impressive and enthusiastic vocal style. Nifty guitar solos abound, as Homesick sets the mood for the rest of the EP.

Next up, One Shot. Previously heard on Mercury Rising's 2014 EP Ignite, One Shot seems to have been infused with an extra jolt of ass-kicking magic in this version. One Shot features fast chugging guitars worthy of an eighties Saxon number, but with a less raw, more melodic powerhouse delivery. More high screaming guitar solos, and a beat that will get the listener's foot tapping or head nodding. Fun, fast, commercial rock at its best.

Into the Fire kicks off with rising guitar riffs erupting into a squeal of hard rock fury. Fast paced and fun, this is a hard rock band giving it all they have got... You can see how much energy and passion the band are pumping into the easily accessible Into the Fire, and the results is a perfect storm of glammy, funky, sleazy rock at its old school best.

We finish with Psycho. A strong baseline leads us into a catchy number reminiscent of Skid Row in their Slave to the Grind phase. Indeed, there are brief moments here where Max manages to sound like Sebastian Bach. In a good way. Powerful guitar riffs and melodic choruses throughout Psycho take us to the very end of the EP and leave us wanting more.

Kudos to Matt Burgess for the cover art by the way. Suitably retro and sleazy for the crisp slice of hard rock funk that is Bad News. Nice.

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Track List

  • Homesick
  • One Shot
  • Into The Fire
  • Psycho