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Miracle of Sound

Review score: 81%

Review Date: July 2014
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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I know I should review some other artists as well, but Miracle of Sound seems to be my go-to artist. It’s probably because he has this magical ability to make a new song every couple of weeks. I can’t seem to make a review that often.

This second album is an impressive size and has some of the best songs for the best games (and movies… and whole genres). There happen to be a couple of my favourites in here, along with some I have listened to waaaay too many times.

Here's some of da best:

Take it Back

The first track on this album is Mass Effect 3. Whatever you thought of the game (and I’m sure gamers everywhere will hate me for saying the end wasn’t that bad), this song feels like the game should have.

This is an classic rock song, heavy on the guitars and sing-along-choruses, but somehow not too far from the in-game music. This fast-paced rock song is full of energy and uplifting lyrics. It’s a moral-boosting song for taking on the big-bad (or more everyday problems). I would say the lyrics sound a bit Ozzy (Osborne, not Australian) for a moment there.

Nord Mead

Here’s a fast and fun song for after a long day’s work (dealing with dragons or something). I could imagine a bunch of guys at the local tavern swinging their flagons to this track. It’s a song to pick you up after a long day (even if you haven’t tried mead). You should probably know that this song rocks to; guitars and flute living together in harmony. You just have to sing along.

Someone described it as Skyclad-ish.

If there was a song to make you forget ‘THAT’ Skyrim quote, this is the one.

(I used to listen to Miracle of Sound, but then I took an arrow to the knee - Big Ed)

Shooter Guy

Grungy, tiny, old guitars lead us into a song with a strong beat. There may be a touch of rap in the verses, but it’s comical enough to be enjoyable to listen to. Poking fun at a whole genre, we have winning lyrics that apply to so many games.

‘Laws of physics and logic need not apply’

Life in Bullet Time

Here the vocals shine through, full of emotion. For the new Max Payne, we have a blues-ey track with a sad note, but with an energetic underlay. It really captures the character of Max Payne, but it’s not entirely depressing.

You Died

Here’s some epic music for a baddie’s grand entrance: some ancient building setting and an orchestral sound. And then the lyrics start and the music begins to bounce, like a Dark Souls musical joke built around your character’s failure. So many failures.

Khajiit Like to Sneak

I won’t admit to the number of times I listened to this one. It’s soft with a good clap-beat. There’s a lack of guitar, but it makes me think of the theme for ‘Despicable Me’, Skyrim style. The lyrics are the real gem here. You can probably tell from the title, it’s written from the perspective of a Khajiit (he has a really good accent for the character). The lyrics are simple, and really entertaining. A must-listen for any Skyrim player.

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Track List (may vary)

  • Take it Back
  • Nord Mead
  • Jokers Song
  • Shadows in the Moonlight
  • Shooter Guy
  • Legends of the Frost
  • Life in Bullet Time
  • Crucible
  • Silver and Steel
  • DNA
  • Keep Drifting
  • Give them Hell
  • You Died
  • Kalros
  • Khajit Like to Sneak
  • Binary Divide
  • Survivorcraft Theme
  • Back in Time