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Miracle of Sound

Review score: 84%

Review Date: June 2014
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Moving backwards (because forwards would be too easy) through the music of Miracle of Sound, it is here that I get to talk about discovering this musician.

Once upon a time, I clicked a Youtube link, followed by a few more before ending up at a cosplay video for the Borderlands games. While watching the cosplayers mess around and marvelling at their outfits, it occurred that the song was very appropriate. It suited the game perfectly. Hang on, was that a reference to the game?

That’s how I ended up on his Youtube page and listening to songs about some of the best games, all with some retro-rock flare.

Breaking Down the Borders

‘By the way, no refunds’

Here we have the country style guitar sound straight from the game. With a great beat, and a mildly country rock sound, it’s a great song. It’s totally chilled out and full of little references. He’s a talented musician and singer. If I had to pick an alternate opening song, this would be top of my list. The tone is a perfect match, and it’s a good song too.

Just a note on lyrical brilliance: I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song before use the term ‘fan fiction’. Be warned, there is a high likelihood of this getting stuck in your


Halfman’s Song

Here’s a tune for the tavern. It’s late at night, and the mood is down. Here is the tale (told in the ominous voice of a dramatic storyteller). Beware, beware. Here are the deeds of a more unusual great person. He’s not a fighter or anything like that. Here’s the perfect sound of a… er… lute? The tone and tune is perfect for the tale.

I won’t ruin the story for you. I’ll just say one thing. If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, you should listen to this.

The Savage Side of Me

It builds slowly, vocals echoing. If you were looking for something to play during your montage, this would be a good candidate. It becomes stronger and more epic through the song, mirroring the journey of a certain tomb raider. It’s really got that pick-me-up quality.

The I-made-it feeling of the Tomb Raider game is totally matched by this song.


Why only 50 seconds? It’s fast, epic and hilarious. If you play games at all, you can probably relate to these uncontrollable characters. If in doubt, ‘HAMMER THE BUTTONS AND WIGGLE THE STICKS’.

The Call of Duty Circus

Roll up, roll up, this is a song that belongs under the big top. It’s a run-through of all the worst players in COD multiplayer. I don’t even play online multiplayer games, and I love this song. It’s a light-hearted rant and a lot of fun to listen to.

The Spy Who Survived

Yep, this is Mr Bond. This would be perfect for a Bond theme song. All the classic elements are there: the iconic guitar riff, the orchestra in the background. There’s the vocal range of all great (male) Bond singers, and it really catches the ominous sense of Skyfall with the sense of awesomeness that made Bond great. Doorfighter

Another epic minute of music. Energetic electric guitars screech along this fast-paced rock. It’s another one that’s all in the lyrics, in 20 seconds, you’ll probably be smiling!

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Tracklist (20 songs, yep, 20)

  • City of Night
  • Breaking Down the Borders
  • Rise
  • Dream of the Sky
  • Reclaimer
  • Halfman’s Song
  • Calamity
  • The Savage Side of Me
  • Hit Father’s Son
  • The Best I Can
  • Distand Honor
  • Motor Girl
  • Wigglesticks
  • Blood of the Creed
  • The Call of Duty Circus
  • The Spy Who Survived
  • Hell in the Headspace
  • Roll Out
  • Doorfighter
  • Hengsha