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Miracle of Sound

Review score: 83%

Review Date: May 2014
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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I’m sure anyone who has travelled across the internet has encountered fan-art and fan-fiction. These well known phenomenon come on a scale: Really Bad to Actually Good. Let’s admit it, it’s usually giving new meaning to ‘terrible’. Now, fan-music is less known (except of the parody variety).

Miracle of Sound creates musical tributes to video games, with a rocker’s flare. He jumps genres between tracks, creating an epic orchestral thing one moment, then blows you away with classic rock the next. Games, TV, Movies and even the odd original song thrown in, this guy does them all… and working solo too (There are a couple of collaborations in there). Welcome to the work of Miracle of Sound, with fun and flare and geeky references galore!

With a bit of retro-rock flare to his work, even non-gamers will like this album. Some of my favourites are for games I never played.

The Crush

I’ll say that I liked Pacific Rim, but I love this song. It’s a rock song with an industrial beat, but it’s also got that old-style sound to it. I’m pretty sure I can hear giant robots in my speakers. It reminds me of something, but I can’t pin it down. It’s got the tide-like formula of new Kidneythieves, but a lot heavier in the chorus. The lyrics are slightly cheesy, but they’re really catchy and practically inviting you to sing along to the chorus (badly of course).

One Youtube comment called it the: ‘pinnacle of badassery’.

I agree.

Beneath the Black Flag

Yaaarrr, who would like to listen to a sea shanty… with electric guitars? Go on, you won’t regret it. It’s got the bounce of singing pirates, but it’s a badass rock song at the same time. Yo-Ho Yo-Ho you could sail off to this song. If only it were longer.

The Call

So what goes after pirates? Epic folk songs of course! Starting out with a folk-ish ‘lute’ intro here is something building up to a great folk song. I could imagine this guy hanging around in the Bard College of Solitude (one reference too many? Sorry, I’m talking Skyrim). If you’ve heard some of his Skyrim tracks, there’s a familiar note or two in here.

Higher Tonight

I may have mentioned before that I’m a Saints Row fan. This is borderline dubstep and, well, ‘got my purple, purple wubs man’. It’s sitting on a line between sci-fi sounds and a strong beat, somehow stuffing a good tune into the mix. It actually alternates (purple, purple) wubs with a pop-ish chorus. It affect is a more accessible and tuneful dubstep song any saint would be happy to listen to.

Where did I put that game?

(I heard a rumour the game will be free on xbox live games for gold in a couple of weeks - Big Ed)


Here’s an original song (I told you there were some). Good beat and energetic guitars; it’s one of those rock songs that make you feel epic from listening to them.

Digital Shadow

Quick paced rock, this one belongs somewhere in the 80s. A touch of industrial guitar, a touch of old fashioned keyboards, it paints a painting of this digital age (now say that quickly ten times).

It’s a strong song, with a catchy chorus (I may have spend the evening singing… badly). It captured a cyberpunk setting. The game Watch Dogs hasn’t even been released yet, this is just a brilliant song; but if 21st Century Robin Hood had a theme-tune, this would be it.


I’d call this Hip Hop or Rap or something, but I don’t know those genres well enough and I know just how picky people can get about genres. It’s slow and laid back. If you’re in a bad mood, this is a good chillout track. Even if this isn’t your genre (of you can’t tell because I’m not being specific) you’ll probably like this.


Uh oh, we’ve gone a bit country now. It’s full of energy and a fun song. The vocalist’s worked out a really good hill-billy voice for Trevor (either that or he’s got a sore throat). This is a fun track with a cool sound and amusing lyrics. ‘You’d best get out my way’ because he’s making a bit of a mess of the map. A great song if you’re in a bad mood. This is my favourite of the GTA trio, but I really think it fits my Saints Row character better (Just call it Mayhem).

Hard Cash

We’re still skipping through the genres. It’s all gone a bit 80s pop for a minute… make that very 80s. It’s a fun song to go with a strange character. Did I mention that I haven’t played this game yet, I just like the songs. Proof that Miracle of Sound can make any music genre he likes and still make it rock.

My Iron Skin

This is very AC/DC, but not a carbon copy. He’s definitely got the vocals down. I suppose it’s only natural for it to go with the Iron Man movies. We seem to be feeling epic again.

Hammers in My Head

Another original track, it’s high energy with a bit more sci-fi sound to it. It rocks, in a less sing-along and more heavy way. Another one to leave you feeling epic.

Niko It’s Your Cousin

This also belongs in one of those genres that I don’t hang around too often. It’s also my favourite song from this album (I’m not entirely sure how many times I have listened to it). It’s got guitars and energy for the choruses and a good beat for the rest of the time. I never bothered to play GTA number… er… whichever one had Roman in it (That would be GTA 4, the one with that constantly ringing cell phone interrupting you all the darn time - Big Ed), and even I know how annoying he is. I can rant about annoying characters, but I don’t think it would be as assuming as this song. It’s a chilled out song and the lyrics will make you laugh. I also have to say the accent is really good (not that I’m any good with accents).


This is a short intro to a podcast. It’s got the right sound, starting out like something from Mass Effect, but building up to a beat and rock. I wish my reviews had an intro like this, because whatever follows would have to be awesome to match up.

The New Black Gold 2013

I’m afraid this isn’t a Kidneythieves track, but it could sit on the soundtrack of a Deus Ex game and feel right at home. A futuristic beat works with the mechanical melody, and followed by 80s style singing, building up slowly. Stick with it, because it gets to the rock. He puts in all the emotion of his persona, but putting in enough energy to make it work.

Capturing the atmosphere of Deus Ex: Human Revolution perfectly. I believe there is a campaign to put this in the new movie. There are two versions of this song going around, but this one is a lot more professional, the sounds are higher quality, but the original sounds more retro. I kind of like both of them.

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Track List (may vary)

  • The Crush
  • Beneath the Black Flag
  • The Call
  • Forever Blue
  • Higher Tonight
  • Kickback
  • Digital Shadow
  • The Day the World Died
  • Drive
  • Rampage
  • Hard Cash
  • Cries of a Dead World
  • My Iron Skin
  • The Best of Us
  • Hammers in My Head
  • Nameless
  • Niko It’s Your Cousin
  • Co-Optional
  • The New Black Gold 2013