Level 5

Miracle of Sound

Review score: 81%

Review Date: February 2015
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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While some bands struggle to release an album every couple of years, somehow Miracle of Sound manages not only to release one pretty much every year, but also makes them double or triple the length of most albums (I suspect he’s using cheat codes). Not only are these long albums, but they are packed varied and unique songs.

The latest level-up from this gamer/musician continues the trend. Games, movies and just from his brain, there’s such a range of subjects that there’s bound to be a song for everyone. There’s also a range of styles, from traditional or folk music, right through to the rock he’s so good at, and the stupid songs that just make you smile.


Fast paced and upbeat, it’s a touch dark, but in no way depressing. It’s a keep-on-going track which totally rocks.

A Dog’s Life

A total switch around, this track has a slow pace with something very 80s going on in the synths. The slow and gritty lyrics really match the neon-noir atmosphere of ‘Wolf Among Us’. The lyrics are dark and dangerous, a catchy warning not to mess with the main character. It’s a song that will stick in your head for hours.


Opening out onto an unknown new planet, you can hear the butterflies in an astronaut’s stomach as he steps out and discovers an epic riff and something that sounds a lot like an orchestral backing. It may not be a new thing to blend metal and classical, but it does help make this track sound more epic. It wouldn’t be out of place in old sci-fi films.

Messing With the Best

Playful would be the best word to describe this song. Based on a Japanese game (Bayonetta 2), you can hear an anime influence to the happy synth-ey tune. It’s a light track, but it still rocks with that feeling of ‘I’m the best’ the title would suggest. A fun and cheery little song to put you in a good mood (especially if you’re a cat).

Dream of Goodbye

There’s always been something different about his Bioshock songs. Soft violins and music-box melodies sit in contrast to harsh, industrial-ish choruses. There’s a classical feel to the whole song, the ending is soft and sad, mostly due to the vocals of Lorna Dollery, and particularly heartbreaking.

Into the Mind

I think I may have put on a horror movie by accident. There is something very unnerving about the whole track, just the right amount of atmosphere and discord behind the guitars and drums to bring back memories of many horror films. I think I might just leave the light on.

Voice of a New Age

This song is closer to dark-electronica and heavy metal. It’s fast, angry and loud, more about the keyboards and distortion than the guitars. It’s not what you would expect from Miracle of Sound, but that’s not a bad thing.

Fistful of Concrete

A bit heavier than the rest of the album, people like to compare this song to Alice in Chains. I’m fond of the grungy guitars on this track, making it heavy and angry. This metal song and its distorted vocals would sit quite comfortably on a Black Sabbath album.

Ploughing a Troll

This song escaped from a medieval tavern. With traditional-sounding instruments and vocals, this is a cautionary tale I hope no one actually needs. It wouldn’t be a Miracle of Sound album without a comedy song on there somewhere, and this one is particularly silly.


After 4 over-grown albums, filled with some of the best and most unique songs, you would have thought Miracle of Sound would be getting stuck for ideas. Somehow, it just keeps getting better. No two songs are alike and all are good in one way or another (with more than its share of great songs).

Gav recently announced that he’s taking some time off the gaming music to create a metal album. I can’t wait to see how that goes, but I have a feeling it’s going to be good.

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Track List (may vary)

  • Welcome Home
  • Wake The White Wolf
  • Amnesia
  • My Revolution
  • All As One
  • A Dog's Life
  • Cataclysm
  • Messing With The Best
  • Perseverance
  • Uncivil War
  • Dream Of Goodbye
  • Every Time You Look Around
  • Shadow Of The Ash (Hard Vox)
  • Fires Far
  • Jet Black Dress
  • Breathe
  • Into The Mind
  • Fistful Of Concrete
  • Call Of Home
  • Resistance
  • When Winter Comes
  • Machine
  • Man and Machine
  • The Strut
  • Ploughing A Troll
  • Voice Of A New Age
  • Cries Of A Dead World (Wasteland 2 Credits version)
  • Digital Shadow 2014
  • Shadow Of The Ash (Soft Vox)
  • Wake The White Wolf (Metal Version)