Welcome to the Rock Revolution

Motion Device

Review score: 85%

Review Date: December 2014
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

Welcome to the Rock Revolution. So say Motion Device. A great title for the EP from Motion Device, and band well worthy of your attention.

It is the spirit of Motion Device which makes them a band to check out. Listening to their music, a simple, yet inspirational message came across loud and clear. Rock is still alive. It's not about the money, it's about making the music you love and entertaining people. That's the noble spirit, heart and soul of rock music, right there. If you yet to discover Motion Device then check them out on youtube. They have been releasing a great many covers of classic rock tracks to showcase their talents. From The Animals to Led Zeppelin, from Hendrix to Judas Priest, from Black Sabbath to Rush, from Nine Inch Nails to Jefferson Airplane. I could go on.

Buy now you are probably thinking that Motion Device are a bunch of long haired, gray haired, musos who have been around the biz for decades. And you couldn't be further from the truth! Motion Device are a young band, with polished chops and an unsullied passion for rock.

Which brings to their EP of original tracks, Welcome to the Rock Revolution.

First up we have Drama Queen, which opens with all the big riffs and energy of monster rock hits from the 20th Century. And yet still sounds fresh and full of energy. Which might sound like a contradiction, but it is not... Drama Queen is new rock song in the classic mould. Simple, loud and proud rock.

Next up is Save Me. Subtle guitars haunt their way in, and if you watch the video you will see a collection of rock memorabilia and a stash of albums reminiscent of the mountain of vinyl that reviewer Paul Jack used to share a room with back in the day. And then Sara turns to camera and says "You know, Ozzy is right. You can't kill rock and roll". Save Me is a blistering attack on a jaded, money obsessed music business, the soulless, money obsessed dinosaur industry.

A change of pace next with Giving Us Life. Vocalist Sara may be very young , yet she delivers a performance worthy of experienced singers decades older. A beautiful number, emotively alternating between humble quiet and loud gratitude to mothers everywhere.

Penultimate song Responsibility slows the pace further. The arty video adds to the mood as another strong vocal performance from Sara brings you into a mellow, reflective mood. All of which heightens the booming contradiction of A Piece of Rock and Roll, the final blast from the Welcome to the Rock Revolution EP. We go out with a bang with a hitting hard rock riff bordering on melodic metal. A piece of Rock and Roll is full of passion and energy, lifting your spirits with its passion and enthusiasm.

Motion Device are a full of promise, and we at Rock Hard Reviews are delighted to see that a second EP, is promised to be released on New Years Day2015. Very soon now. Whatever 2015 brings, the promise of a new EP from Motion Device is an auspicious start to the New Year, and we wish the band all the best. Keep the spirit of rock alive guys - we support ya!

Track List (may vary)

  • Drama Queen
  • Save Me
  • Giving Us Life
  • Responsibility
  • A Piece of Rock And Roll