Little Garden

Neutral Noise

Review score: 71%

Review Date: January 2015
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

All the way from Poland, we have the debut album from Neutral Noise. Drawing inspiration from a long list of epic rock bands, they’ve dug out their own style of grungy hard rock. Little Garden may only be 8 tracks long, but each track earned its place by rocking hard.

Never Again

With the soft sound of a distant band, the album opens like a ballad, but quickly finds it metal teeth. The tempo revs up with a kickass guitar solo before bursting into an energetic hard rock number. Never Again perfectly sets the scene for the rest of the album: powerful guitars matched to deep, growling vocals. But this track won’t leave you with a hangover the next morning, mumbling the words ‘never again’. Instead you’ll be saying, I wanna hear some more!

Turtle Steps

Stomping riffs and deep spoken lyrics, reminiscent of Type O Negative with a hint of Jim Morrison, match up with some powerful choruses. The additional screeching guitar solo would have been enough to make this a cool song. However, I have to admit the intro is my favourite part of this one: a quirky synth-ey tune that makes a unique, auspicious opening.

Neutral Noise

Help Me

With a plucky intro, the third track bursts into life with a bold, brash guitar riff. Alternating elements of the melodic and the harsh-n-heavy, this track is definitely strong and proof of the power of the electric guitar.

Moths and Stones

A touch softer on this next number, Moths and Stones sets the scene slowly, painting a picture of an epic landscape. This one has a completely different vocal style.

At this point, Paul Jack just stuck his head in the office and asked me what I was listening to, he said that the rock pumping through the walls sounded like I was listening to something similar to Devil’s Toy by The Almighty. And that’s a compliment!

Simple Death

Picking up the pace, we have Simple Death, a quick track heavy on the beat. Energetic and dark, there’s definitely something evil about some of the vocals. Tipping its hat to Stone Temple Pilots and maybe Danzig, this track is pulse beat raising Polish hard rock!


Bullet kicks off sounding like a Lenny Kravitz’s take on the classic rock song American Woman, before veering off into familiar Neutral Noise territory. The chorus dips into the vocals and riffery of Type O Negative, before breaking into another epic solo in full raunch-rock style.

Little Garden

Ah, Little Garden. OK then. From its foot-tapping intro to its polished delivery, there’s a touch of Metal on Metal to this grubby rock ‘n’ roll number. If I was gonna pick one track from this album to showcase Neutral Noise’s chops, it would be the title track. It’s got style and panache. If I could offer one suggestion for this track, maybe it could do with a little more cowbell :-)

Little Piece of Eight

From its mellow, almost-country intro, to the melodic main course, this track stands out from the rest. With a touch more soulfulness to the vibe this is the perfect, old-school ending for the album.


This band has certainly found its own style, always finding the best place for a guitar solo. They have a great flair for unique intros that set every track apart.

Neutral Noise are definitely heading somewhere great. This first album is high quality and high energy. I can’t wait to see what they do with the next one as they sneak their way onto the global stage.

Keep up the good work guys, we wish Neutral Noise every success.

Track List (may vary)

  • Never Again
  • Turtle Steps
  • Help Me
  • Moths and Stones
  • Simple Death
  • Bullet
  • Little Garden
  • Little Piece of Eight