Hurts Like Hell


Review score: 89%

Review Date: March 2015
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Coming at ya out of Tennesee there's a brand new album from Memphis rockers, Prosevere.

If Prosevere are not on your radar yet then they should be. Having built up a following through old fashioned grass roots hard slogging, four previous EP releases and a solid touring record supporting bands such as Godsmack, Shinedown, Bush and Papa Roach, there's a freshness to the polished sound of Prosevere that you really should check out. Prosevere were formed way back in 2006.

The band's make-up is as follows: Gary Segars on vocals, Eric Ashe on guitar, Matt Riley bassist, and the aptly named Rocky Griggs on drums. Finally, Prosevere have found time in their schedule to turn out a full blown, 10 track album called Hurts Like Hell. Nine of the songs were produced with J Hall in Nashville, the remaining track, One More Thing, was produced in Memphis with Dave Cowell. And it has to be said that the production values on Hurts Like Hell are very high indeed.

Let's pick out a few favourite tracks for your playlist:

Hurts Like Hell

Possibly reminiscent of a hot blend of Velvet Revolver songs, the title track is a bit of a scorcher. Melodic hard rock guitar work, melded with Gary Segar's perfectly pitched vocals, all to a good beat. All in all, it's a great hard rock number.

New Number 2

Speaking of numbers, the next track is New Number 2. A track which kicks off with proper, forceful rock riffwork before bursting into full bodied, moody harmonies that distract you from what you are doing as your thoughts drift off with the lyrics.


Can't let go

A change of pace here, Can't Let Go is slow and soulful ballad. As songs go, it provides an opportunity for Prosevere to showcase their radio friendly musical chops. And yet they manage to sneak in a bit of Eric Ashe guitar solo work too. It's worth pointing out to that Eric Ashe's guitar solos are liberally present throughout this album, and it quickly apparent that Mr Ashe is a damn fine guitarist.

Not Worth Saving

The pace picks back up again with Not Worth Saving. The crunchier guitars stand out here, and the track rushes along at almost frenetic pace. Gary Segars' vocal work is a bit more varied, and he even slips in a tiny bit of screamo work when you are not expecting it.

I'm going to go so far as to say that Not Worth Saving is my personal favourite track from this album. So if you gonna check out Prosevere for the first time then Not Worth Saving is 'Certainly Worth Playlisting'.


A delightful melodic rock song, just the sort of thing to appeal to an old Blue Oyster Cult fan like myself. Gary Segars sweeter vocal style on Glory contains more than a hint of Buck Dharma, and the honey dripping fretwork from Eric Ashe manages to encapsulate moments reminiscent of BOC's Harvest Moon track (from their Heaven Forbid album).

Burn the City

A triumphant finale for Prosevere's first full length album. Burn The City has got crowd-pleaser written all over it, air punching moments included. Love the lyrics of the singalong chorus too - "You strike the match, I'll blow it, let's watch this city burn to hell." Nice hard rock vibes throughout.


Hurts Like Hell is a triumph of quality AND substance. Great tunes, played with skill, energy and passion.

Prosevere say "We don't give up!" To which we say "Hell yeah, with music this good, keep on rockin' guys!"

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Track List (may vary)

  • I Was Wrong
  • Hurts Like Hell
  • New Number 2
  • Can't Let Go
  • One More Thing
  • Not Worth Saving
  • Glory
  • Bottoms Up
  • 1000 lbs
  • Burn The City