The Silver Lining

Roses Unread

Review score: 87%

Review Date: October 2015
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Roses Unread exemplify modern, grass roots rock and metal bands. It requires massive amounts of hard work and stamina these days, combined with that perfect blend of talent and creativity, in order to be a great band. Roses Unread meld all those ingredients together and unleash 14 tracks of melodic magic, a new album for 2015 entitled The Silver Lining.

The album is a glory of contrasts, seamlessly switching from smooth hard rock to tight, harder melodic metal and back again at will. Dragging the happy listener along for a joyride the entire time.

Top notch Tennessee band Roses Unread consist of Allison Teague Purify on vocals, John Purifoy (guitar), Blake Becton (guitar, vocals), Brant (the Beard) Sollis (bass) and Grant Brooks (drums). From the moment that opening track Crash and Burn hits your ears, you realise their music refuses to fit neatly into the standard rock subgenres.

Never Enough fires off with a faster, machine gun pounding metal beat, and a harder metal riff style. Whereas Heartless fools the listener into thinking that this is a by-the-numbers metal number, before morphing into a melodic track. At times, Allison's vocals here are reminiscent of Ann Wilson from Heart. No doubt this notion was first inspired by the song title, but wouldn't it be great if Roses Unread did a modern cover of Barracuda?

Next up, Better Off is better described as hard rock rather than metal, with poetic lyrics and a chance to demonstrate some gentler guitar licks.

Roses Unread

We remember Fallen fondly, the auspicious single released by Roses Unread earlier this year to give us a taste of the album to come. It's as catchy as ever, and you should check it out. (If you like Fallen, you should buy the entire album!)

Excuses lands with crunchy riffwork and powerful sweet vocals. You can tick off musical influences as you go, Evanescence, Korn, Halestorm, even Megadeth spring to mind. Basilisk is a fast, heavier and harder hitting number.

What a cool title - Darkness Rises. An old-school metal track with a thrash vibe, full of power and likely a crowd pleaser. Probably my favourite guitar solo on the album can be found here. And then The Onslaught hits you. A bouncy track, flitting like a chaos butterfly between musical styles and impossible to pigeonhole.

And then The Inquisition arrives with a seriously appropriate heavy riff and tone, contrasted with Allison's honey sweet vocals. Sin Is You begins in a similar vein, before erupting into a fast paced metal number interspersed with occasional breath catching moments of melody.

Built upon catchy guitar work, Left Unsaid is a melting pot of visionary lyrics and spiralling tunes, taking the listener up and down the helter skelter of emotion. Then, once again we bob and bounce to a different beat with penultimate track Break Away, before we close with the gentle melodies of One Eye Open.

Coming in at seven minutes, One Eye Open is the longest track on The Silver Lining, and has a grandiose feel. At times, One Eye Open feels like Faith No More's classic track Epic. Building from calm to chaos and back again, the track maintains its edgy feel throughout and showcases the band's versatility and freedom from conventions.

The Silver Lining is a good album, and we love it. The album grows on you with each subsequent play, taking the listener on a journey of creativity, passion and energy. Not only should it please existing Roses Unread fans, The Silver Lining is well deserving of wide audience attention and we encourage readers to support the band and go check out the album for yourselves.

And keep an eye out for Roses Unread, they deserve to go far.

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Track List

  • Crash And Burn
  • Never Enough
  • Heartless
  • Better Off
  • Fallen
  • Excuses
  • Basilisk
  • Darkness Rises
  • The Onslaught
  • Inquisition
  • Sin Is You
  • Left Unsaid
  • Break Away
  • One Eye Open