Scorpion Child

Scorpion Child

Review score: 76%

Review Date: August 2013
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Like a refreshing blast from the past, Scorpion Child’s debut album landed with a big splash. Wonderful old fashioned rock with a modern psych spin, Scorpion Child offer a sampler package featuring oh so many facets of rock music. The band manage to sound a bit like Zeppelin, a bit like Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, a bit like so many 70s and 80s blues rock bands. Clearly, this album is a darn good Texan rock export.

With one foot firmly planted in the 1970s, the other in the 21st century classic rock revival sound, and a third dangling in the catchy 80s hair band rock sound, Scorpion Child appeal for all the right reasons. Veteran metal label Nuclear Blast deserve a nod of recognition for releasing this slice of new / old rock splendour.

And so, without further ado, hearken to new rock filled with echoes from days of yore, and playlist some Scorpion Child. Track recommendations flow below, you know...

King’s Highway

The album opener features a long n lazy guitar intro then eases into the familiar Zeppelin mould, especially when Aryn’s vocals sound almost like a Robert Plant impression. The track smooches along with a deep bluesy bass backbeat, occasionally treading respectfully on early Whitesnake territory.

Polygon of Eyes

Yay, Proper hard rock! Power chords. Frenetic, pounding rock music from the band, and Aryn’s energetic vocal work stands out as being soooo good. Love the effort here, Polygon of Eyes makes a really great first choice for a single.

Salvation Slave

Think Rival Sons blended with a bit of Hendrix or very early Deep Purple and you’ll get the true deep rock vibe here.


Oh yeah, sounding straight from the eighties, this melodic rock song kicks off with a magic riff and deep, thumping drums. The melodic tune to Liquor is so darn hook laden and the chorus so memorable that you’ll have this one stuck in your head all day. Tali says it sounds like Motley Crue by the way, but I hear ‘Zeppelin with a southern sound’.

Red Blood (The River Flows)

Avoid, I reckon.

Cover Art

Freaky pic, what’s that all about? Sunny days ahead, wintry misery all behind you maybe? You decide!


Like retro hard rock music? Hope so! Cos you’ll like Scorpion Child too. Chock full of kick ass tunes, this hook laden feast for your ears gets the Rock Hard Reviews recommended listening award for August 2013.

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Track List (caution - it varies!)

  • Kings Highway
  • Polygon Of Eyes
  • The Secret Spot
  • Salvation Slave
  • Liquor
  • Antioch
  • In The Arms Of Ecstasy
  • Paradigm
  • Red Blood (The River Flows)
  • Keep Goin'
  • Lovers Leep (extended album only)