Sick Puppies

Review score: 76%

Review Date: January 2013
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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For once I actually remember finding this band. I was on Youtube looking for funny video game clips when I found a track made up of bits from Dragon Age. I can’t remember the video much, but the song behind it had a good beat and was kind of catchy. My next stop was finding other stuff by sick puppies (gotta love that name). Someone got me this 2009 album for my birthday and it played on a loop for weeks afterwards.

When looking at a picture of the Australian band I’m usually struck by the lead singer’s puppy dog look. I’m serious. I saw a dog on the bus once (a little one belonging to an old lady) with the same haircut!

Well, enough about my life. You’re interested in the music. There’s a good mixture of tracks on the band’s third album, here are some suggestions for your playlist:


This is the typical sound for the album. It’s got grungy guitars, but it’s not really heavy and reminds me of classic rock songs. I really like the lyrics on this one. The gist of the song is ‘So what if I don’t have an office job and a boring life’. I like being strange, so this song really speaks to me. The chorus is quite catchy and there’s enough beat in there to make it fun.

You’re going down

One Youtube commenter says that they listen to this song before wrestling matches; and the WWE used it as a theme song. I can see why. It’s an energetic song and the lyrics are quite fitting to wrestling and the like.

Sadly, I’m not a sports person, but I’m sure this song is yet to help me through some stressful stuff (mostly exams). It always makes me feel good, no matter who bugged me that day. A lot heavier than their other stuff, I can’t help but love it.


I can’t help but think of this song as ‘The Muse Song’. I guess that they were messing around with the computer editing when they recorded the start. The start is littered with autotune; presumably for distortion since the singer also develops an echo at points. It’s a different sound from the rest of the album, but it works. It’s another energetic one with ‘I’m not giving in’ style lyrics (Why do I think this is going to come in useful when I forget coursework to the last moment?)


Even without dramatic Youtube videos, the album is good. While there are a couple of slower tracks that don’t really appeal to me (mostly the ‘polar opposite’ bonus tracks) I still like the album as a whole. Maybe it’s a bit tacky, but it’s fun and that’s what it’s all about. It’ll make you happy or calm you down depending on which track just came up.

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Track List (may vary)

  • All the Same
  • Riptide
  • Maybe
  • Odd One
  • You’re going Down
  • Should’ve Known Better
  • Don’t Walk Away
  • White Balloons
  • My World
  • Survive
  • I Hate You
  • War
  • Maybe (Polar Opposite)
  • All The Same (Polar Opposite)
  • Riptide (Polar Opposite)