Stone Kings

From Creation to Devastation

Review Date: July 2016
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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July 2016... There's a new sound coming outta Kent. Not unlike the rumble of summer thunder, it is in fact the auspicious acoustic tremors of hard rock meisters Stone Kings, and their awesome new album, entitled From Creation To Devastation. This 12 track beast is the follow-up to Reset, a six track EP from 2013.

Veterans of Bulldog Bash and Hard Rock Hell, crowd-pleasers Stone Kings released this album thanks to fan support and Kickstarter. Which is a great thing. So, on to the From Creation To Devastation. The album is braced by a pair of instrumentals. Creation, the opener, builds up slowly into a great melodic number, whilst Devastation has a 90s Seattle slash psychedelic vibe to wind down the album neatly. And in between we have 10 top notch rock tracks.

The post-grunge hard rock vibe is ever present throughout this album, sometimes more subtle, sometimes in your face. Killer riffs about too, check out Headshot for example, intermittently pounding drums laid over a solid bassline, very well executed. Dan pulls off clever bass licks very well. Progress to Outcast, and indulge yourself in a strung out Stone Temple Pilots style number, during which Gregg Stageman pulls off the vocals with aplomb.

If full-on hard rock guitar blasts float your boat, then you'll love punchy, fast paced Krokodil. Kudos to Gary and Dom for their punchy, riffwork here, accompanied by snappy guitar solos.

Timeout is a surprise, a total change of pace to a gentle, melodic ballad. The softer tones work well here. Timeout is a standout track , and worthy of repeated listens.

Stone Kings
Stone Kings - From Creation to Devastation

Move along to Full Throttle next. Love that old school hard rock intro. This one is very listenable, very pleasing. Retro, commercial rock done right, you might say. And this reviewer's favourite track from the album. Very impressive guitar solos, fast and punchy.

Next up is Enemies. Another great track, this one is full of hooks and attitude. Good to listen too when letting off steam at the end of a tough day. And next up, another surprise! Lovelace is a solid grungy rant about a young actress forced into hardcore performances by an abusive, bullying husband. A tragic story, true, but Lovelace stands up as a solid angry metal track.

Captive Audience is full of swagger, featuring impressive guitar solos and deep, doom laden vocal tones. Hauntingly beautiful at times, Captive Audience is well worth repeated listens. And then we have In My Place. Deep and moody, this number rocks hard and long. Check out those screaming guitars solos, and you'll get caught on those catchy hooks.

In fact, the whole album, From Creation to Devastation is full of energy and passion. Stone Kings have got it all together here, and pulled off a punchy, solid album release for the fans. So go on readers, give this one a listen and you might join their number too!

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Track List

  • Creation (Instrumental)
  • Far Out
  • Headshot
  • Outcast
  • Krokodil
  • Time Out
  • Full Throttle
  • Enemies
  • Lovelace
  • Captive Audience
  • In My Place
  • Devastation (Instrumental)


  • Gregg Stageman – Vocals
  • Gary McCarthy – Guitar
  • Dom Holloway – Guitar
  • Dan Reene – Bass
  • Gav Ranz – Drums