The Cassini Projekt

Reviewer: Paul Jack
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With the Cassini Projeckt's upcoming album Sellout not too far off now, it's time to check out 2010 album Filler while we wait. For readers who have not come across The Cassini Projekt yet, expect a diverse sound coming at ya from Dublin, Ireland. It's a one man project, courtesy of the talented Alex McDonnell.

Filler comprises ten tracks, the titles of which would not sound out of place on a Role Playing Gamer's bookshelf. But the themes are more serious, painting a portrait of world war, dark empires, corruption and apocalypse.

Musically, Filler presents us with a hard rock / prog rock combo served with a slice of melodic metal. You'll find variety here, from leviathan sized guitar solos to softer moments. Compare and contrast the mellow False Dawn (our favourite number, in case you were wondering) with the sharp intro to Citadel of Sorrow. Float along on the electroniceqsue highs atop Ziggurat, crash back down to earth with the Latin influenced, jazzy prog-out Infernalis, or slam dance to the punk tinged Profit From Doom.

There's a little bit of everything to Filler, and plenty of snazzy guitar work to keep the rock fan entertained.

You can find out more about the Cassini Project here, and have a good listen to some tracks from Filler, along with a helping of 2008 album Blind Vision, for good measure. Enjoy.

Track List

  • Track List
  • The End of Everything
  • Citadel of Sorrow
  • False Dawn
  • Leviathan: The Song of Woe
  • Profit from Doom
  • Infernalis
  • Anti Human
  • IAO
  • The Jackal
  • Ziggurat