The House That Dirt Built

The Heavy

Review score: 58%

Review Date: March 2012
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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“So you want to hear another story?” Well, this one starts with a train and a Vault Hunter…

Okay, I may have been playing Borderlands 2 a lot… no, there’s no such thing as too much Borderlands. So what if I tried to use my character’s superpowers in real life?

I suppose there’s only one album which I can review now. The intro-cut scene from the game is one of the best, featuring the song ‘Short Change Hero’. Yes, I know this isn’t a game review. Just look up the cut scene on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. After I watched that the first time I had to look up the song they used.

According to Wikipedia, I’ve managed to miss this band at least seven times before in various TV shows and movies. This is their second album, and while it’s not exactly pure rock (despite the band name), it’s got a range of musical styles that make it fun to listen to.

Some songs for your playlist:

The start of the album is a heath warning. Don’t go into the house if you value your sanity etc. Of course, it is in the style of old horror movie trailers.

How you like me now

Apparently this song is everywhere. I’ve heard it as the end song for Borderlands 2 (I’ll stop talking about the game in a minute). It starts with a strange mixture of brass instruments and something that sounds like an oil drum. Don’t worry, there’s some guitar mixed in and the beat’s there all the way through. The lyrics make it a good song for feeling superior to those who annoy you.

Short Change Hero

This song would fit well into a cowboy movie, especially with the long intro. After a while the song kicks in with a chilled out beat and strong vocals. This song is perfect for many games simply because of the chorus line “This ain’t no place for no hero” which would explain how it made its way into the Batman: Arkam Asylum trailer. Sadly, it had to be sped up for the Borderlands intro, but it is much better slow. You can practically see some cowboy walk into town and all the townsfolk acting grumpy around him.

This song really spoke to me, so much so that it played on a loop on YouTube until the CD came. I’m not the only YouTuber who ended up there from Borderlands 2 either.

Cause for Alarm

This song makes me think of some Caribbean Island –perfect for a winter’s day. This is definitely not a rock song, but it’s catchy. You’ll find yourself caught up in the beat or singing along if you’re not careful. A fun track that should make its way onto game soundtracks as well (Dead Island comes to mind).

What you want me to do?

This song is a complete change of pace. The introduction uses guitar sounds that wouldn’t be too out of place on a Black Sabbath album. A slow, plodding beat pulls you through the track. The sound is completely different from the earlier tracks. It’s one of those tracks where you find yourself singing along after a couple of loops.


Overall, this is a good album. There’s a huge variety in styles, from country through soul to some stuff that is actually heavy. After listening a few times you’ll find yourself singing along to almost every track.

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Track List (may vary)

  • Track
  • Intro
  • Oh No! Not you again!!!
  • How you like me now?
  • Sixteen
  • Short Change Hero
  • No Time
  • Cause for Alarm
  • Love like that
  • What you want me to do?
  • Stuck