The Enforcer

This Is Hell

Review score: 66%

Review Date: March 2013
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Figured it was time to check out some modern noise, so when my review copy of This Is Hell’s latest EP landed on my desk I gave it a blast.

Four tracks make up this EP:

Flag of the Serpent

A great instrumental intro, shame it wasn’t a bit longer. Catchy riffs, nicely melodic and faintly reminiscent of a Maiden / Megadeth / Metallica crossover. Like it. Great guitar solo btw. Really sets the mood for the coming metal storm.

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The Enforcer

The title track, natch, and for me the highlight of the EP. But then I always was a sucker for 80s thrash so The Enforcer is right up my alley. So to speak. Gotta love the energy and aggression here. Perfect thrash drums, bang on guitars, awesome vocals, the passion is right there in your face. Altogether now – punch the air, raise your voices and shout - “Redemption!”

Walking Abominations

If I had to sum up the EPs longest track in two words I’d probably go for either ‘bombastic punk’ or ‘melodic hardcore’. Clever tempo changes and a squealing guitar solo keep the hardcore track moving forwards. This Is Hell are in danger of putting an old timer like me into retro thrash heaven.


Think I must have just stepped out of a 1.21 gigawatt DeLorean or something. I mean, a cover of Whiplash? Wow. A Metallica classic from three decades ago, the mosh pit friendly number is well suited to the This Is Hell treatment. Personally I’ll always prefer the original, but this is a worthy effort, again full of energy and excitement. A great way to end the EP.


Positives - Yup, I like it. A great little EP from the energetic Long Islanders. When I’m in the mood for a quick blast of energy then The Enforcer works better than any energy drink.

Negatives – It’s a bit short, they could have squeezed an extra track in and still called this an EP. Please sir, can I have some more?

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Track List (may vary, take care!)

  • Flag of the Serpent
  • The Enforcer
  • Walking abominations
  • Whiplash