Soundtrack To Life

Triumph Over Logic

Review score: 79%

Review Date: April 2015
Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Not too long ago, we heard from drummer Sunny Dial and Siessi, Bass player and lead vocalist from Triumph Over Logic. TOL are an interesting Aussie rock band we were yet to come across here in the UK. Interesting? That's right. Triumph Over Logic describe themselves as 'a paradox, an enigma, a contradiction in terms'. What is clear to us in the Triumph Over Logic are all about the songs. And the songs seem as diverse as the band members, an eclectic mix bound together by love of / passion for rock music.

History saw Triumph Over Logic spend 2013 touring Melbourne and Victoria, then knuckle down during 2014, recording and perfecting their debut album, entitled Soundtrack To Life. Special kudos to the band for doing all the hard work themselves, locking themselves away in a cabin in Victoria's High Country.

And so in 2015 we check out some songs from Soundtrack To Life... Opening with Masquerade, we find ourselves drifting off with strung out vocals laid over dreamy number about a close encounter one dancefloor night. Before we know it we are speeding up into the cheery Dark Star, a retro 80s punk electronica blended with heavy guitar riffs and a singalong chorus. The video features some wheelie bin comedy with a nod to The Young Ones.

After a detour to take on the odds in Vegas, the Triumph Over Logic magic comes together with pop rock track Granite. A blazing beat, chugging guitars overlaid with complex lyrics which manage to paint a picture and set a scene with just a few words.

Dangerous Driving is a harder edged Led Zeppy guitar riff with a blues tone, telling a story of a dark and stormy journey one night, a journey filled with desire overriding sense and logic, a lady in a white dress battling conflicting emotions as need draws her drawn moth-like to the flame of a fella waiting at the end of the road.

Move along to Vampire. A light, bouncy intro opens out into nicely slow number about an attention drawing girl on the dancefloor, and you know you've got no chance. Vampire would not sound out of place on an old Billy Idol album. Next up come The Machines, a radio friendly indictment of our over reliance on technology in all facets of our life, and how tech is making us all dumber.

Triumph Over Logic

Ancient Ways next, another dreamlike number. Spookily haunting riffwork sets a tone for the lyrics to draw a mystic scene, comparing and contrasting a classic pagan celebration around a bonfire one moonlit night, with a modern hedonistic party. Sounds like fun, but can only lead to Heartbreak 101.

Skipping along, we come to Butterfly In The Rain. A story with a protagonist whose choices affect outcomes and emotions not unlike that darn chaos butterfly bringing us blue skies and storms. Another change of pace brings us to Goddess of War. Suitably big riffs here, contrasted with gentler vocal tones. Impressive guitar and keyboard solos.

Then we find ourselves moving along to Movin On, a fast paced and mildly crunchy number. For me, this one is reminiscent of 1980s alt-rock. Which is appropriate for a song about nostalgic recollections. Movin On is very radio friendly, would make a great single, and there's some sweetly sad emotion to the music which would make this a great encore track to end a concert. Never mind a great track to end the Soundtrack To Life album.

I'm going to proclaim Movin On as my favourite track from the album, and recommend that Rock Hard Reviews readers new to Triumph Over Logic should playlist this track right away to whet their appetites and get a taste for the band. Then, hopefully, check out the album proper.


(Bear with Paul Jack and his folk metal analogy coming up folks. There's nothing musically in common between Triumph Over Logic and Skyclad, apart from may be the lyrical theme of Ancient Ways - Ed)

There's an old song by folk metal band Skyclad which comes to mind as I sit here in Rock Hard Towers right now. The song is called Penny Dreadful, and features the wonderful Martin Walkyier singing 'Write your poetry with anger, and then sing it with a passion'. An apt sentiment, it feels. A mirror, even, to hold up to the cleverness entwined throughout Soundtrack To Life.

If you like a bit of intelligence to your rock music, abstract lyrics to provoke your thoughts then go check out the band. You can find out more about Triumph Over Logic by heading on over to Give 'em your support while you are there, and have a listen to their own brand of rock.

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Track List (may vary)

  • Masquerade
  • Dark Star
  • Vegas
  • Granite
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Vampire
  • The Machines
  • Ancient Ways
  • Heartbreak 101
  • Butterfly In The Rain
  • Goddess Of War
  • Movin On