Reviewer: Paul Jack
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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Hailing from Lake Charles, Louisiana, alt/metal band Viridian released a stonking new EP in 2015. Entitled Hope, the EP surprises new listeners with its intriguing meld of melodic rock harmonies, short prog journeys, and of course, moments of full-on metal rage.

First up, we have Fleet Of Fire. Deceptively opening with a short but nimble guitar solo in the style of an Angus Young / Dragonforce mashup, the track quickly expands (or should that be erupts) into fast paced metal mayhem with harmonic interludes. Viridian seize this opportunity to let rip with their own brand of creative, powerful musical diversity.

From the calm, almost mystical intro to the harmonic vocal ending, The Great Deceiver takes us on a journey through many influences, checking off post metal and retro thrash along the way. And why not rage against all the spoon fed lies we hear over and over, eh?

Short and sweet, Light Up The Night is a beautiful, eighties style instrumental number. Possibly with a tad Tears For Fears vibe going on, it serves as a prelude for City Of Rain.

Next up on Hope, a prog rock / prog metal masterpiece called City Of Rain. With crunchy guitar solos acting as counterpoint to melodic harmonies, the lyrical question hanging in the air is "Will you watch it burn with me?" City of Rain is an angst-ridden plea, a desire to change the world, and a desire for companionship. It is airplay worthy, and TV worthy, so go playlist City Of Rain, dear reader!

And to finish the EP, we have curiously titled The Fall Of Wall Maria. In Viridian's own words, this number "takes you on an epic journey sure to captivate all listeners". And this humble reviewer tends to agree. You should check out the official video, which is in the style of an arty movie short, to see the band in action, storytelling and hammering out the metal magic all at the same time.


If variety is the spice of life, then variety is also the key to Viridian. Many musical flavours meld, morph and grow throughout Hope, competing influences and styles battling out to create an alt/metal experience worth of Rock Hard Reviews readers checking out. You can find out more about Viridian by visiting their official website at www.viridiantheband.com, or their social media page at www.facebook.com/viridianband.

Better yet, you can stream Hope in its entirety from https://viridiantheband.bandcamp.com, and buy MP3s etc for a very reasonable price.

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Track List (may vary)

  • Fleet Of Fire
  • The Great Deceiver
  • Light Up The Night
  • City Of Rain
  • The Fall Of Wall Maria