Supersexy Swinging Sounds

White Zombie

Review score: 57%

Review Date: November 2012
Reviewer: Tali
Source: Rock Hard Reviews

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It’s no secret that I like Rob Zombie’s solo albums, so when I found an old White Zombie album I thought it would be good to give it a go. Unsurprisingly, it sounds a lot like Rob’s solo stuff, but it’s not the same. On a whole it’s got more of a beat and there’s no ‘sound effect’ tracks mixed in. It’s grungy, growly, with a mix of electronic sounds and the usual instruments that make for a good metal album (the kind that sound like factories working). It's a remix of Astro-Creep 2000, so how does it fare up?

Some of the good bits:

More Human than Human

Using the magic of repeating the title a lot in the chorus it makes for one of the most memorable songs (and catchiest) on the album. On the other hand, I don’t have a clue what the words on the verses are; it’s mostly mumbled. The song takes a while to get going, but their grungy guitars have the right feel to them and it’s quite enjoyable.

I, Zombie

Another one with a strange intro; once the guitars get going you know you’re in for a Zombie track. Oddly enough, Rob sings differently on the White Zombie stuff – maybe his lower pitched voice contributed to the success of Hellbilly. That and the lyrics seem to have obviously been put through a computer. This one is fast paced and grungy. While the lyrics aren’t obvious it’s a good one for dancing and (if played loudly) creeping out the stranger sitting next to you on the bus.

Blur the Technicolor

The band got hold of some sound clip featuring a woman whispering and must have liked it since it is played through the whole song. This one is also full of energy with a strong beat from the start. While there is a lot of computer editing going on, once the guitars get going it starts to sound more like a metal song.

Blood, Milk and Sky

I don’t know what I like about this intro. It sounds strange, like voices whispering to you from the vortex to an evil dimension under your bed. (You know it’s there, it stole your toys when you were a kid, or is it just me?). It sounds like Rob has been replaced by Marilyn Manson for this track. It’s a slower song, much creepier and evil.

I’m your Boogie Man

This is a faster track for the end of the album. It’s got a good beat and a funky tune. It’s a lot more like Rob’s stuff. It’s one of those tracks that makes you want to dance a bit, and I’m sure it’s gotten me through more than a few essays (It’s strange how you can write in time to music, or type at least, handwriting tends to get wiggly).


It’s grungy / indutrial / alternative metal like Rob Zombie’s music, but the style’s a bit different. It’s an album for motivation rather than singing to. Best used for when you have to do something that you require enerygy for. Unlike most remix albums, Supersexy Swinging Sounds is a cool, funky improvement over the original. Oh, and PJ loves the cover art for some reason. Maybe he likes hammocks or something?

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Track List (may vary)

  • Electric Head Pt.2
  • More Human than Human
  • I, Zombie
  • Grease Pain and Monkey Brains
  • Blur the TEchnicolour
  • Super-Charger Heaven
  • El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama
  • Blood, Milk and Sky
  • Real Solution #9
  • Electric Head Pt. 1
  • I’m Your Boogie Man